My inspiration for writing thrillers comes from a childhood love of the fast-paced novels from authors such as Frederick Forsyth, Alistair MacLean, Colin Forbes and Clive Cussler which I devoured voraciously.

More recently, I’ve become a big fan of Lee Child and other well-known writers such as Terry Hayes, Gillian Flynn and BA Paris.


I admire them all for their talent with words and the ability to draw you into a rollercoaster ride you can’t stop reading.


If I have one aim in life, it’s to be able to take my readers on the same breathless journey.


My first novel was self-published in 2013. Deep Sleepers is the first outing for my hero, Tom Blake, a former Special Forces psychologist with a unique skill to manipulate people’s minds.

I’ve since added to the series with The Armageddon Virus, The Viper’s Strike and Conspiracy.

In 2018, I published my first psychological thriller, Between The Lies, written under the name A J Wills. 


I’m a journalist by profession, although in 2017 I moved into public relations when my dream job as a communications head came up at a national cycling charity.

Afterall, when I’m not writing you can usually find me out on my bike!

I’m married to another former journalist, Amanda, who writes children’s pony books under her married name, and psychological thrillers under the penname, A J McDine.

Together we formed the publishing company, Cherry Tree Publishing.

We live in Kent, in the south east of England, with our two teenage boys, Oliver and Thomas, and our two cats. 

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