Special double book box set 

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Tom Blake - Double book set

Deep Sleepers and The Armageddon Virus

The Tom Blake thriller series is for all fans of lightning-paced thrillers with gripping plots full of high energy twists and turns. This special double book set features the first two books in the series - Deep Sleepers and Armageddon Virus. 

Deep Sleepers

A Tom Blake Thriller #1

An undercover agent embedded with the extreme far right has gone missing. His handler, Tom Blake, is the only man who can find him.
But when the agent resurfaces as the ringleader of a terrifying bomb plot, Blake – a special forces veteran now working for the security service, MI5 – has to call on all his years of experience to avert a tragedy. 
And with the hours and minutes ticking down, Blake is thrown into a desperate race to save hundreds of innocent lives - and his own reputation. 

The Armageddon Virus

A Tom Blake Thriller #2

'Fast, furious and more twists than a coiled cobra.'

The assassination of an Iranian immigrant. A breakout from a maximum security prison. And the theft from a secret laboratory of a deadly virus that could wipe out humanity.

Tom Blake is back - teamed up with one of the security service’s rising stars in a perilous mission across northern Europe and on the trail of international terrorists, trying to avert a worldwide catastrophe.