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Deep Sleepers

Blake's covert Deep Sleepers programme was supposed to flush out the terrorists. But something’s gone badly wrong.


An undercover agent is missing, and feared to be behind plans for a devastating bomb attack designed to kill and maim hundreds of people.

And so Blake is thrown into a desperate race against time, not only to stop the bombers, but to save his own reputation.

The Armageddon Virus

When the deadly Armageddon Virus is stolen from a top secret laboratory, only Blake stands in the way of it falling into the hands of international terrorists.

With the knowledge that only a few drops could trigger a worldwide epidemic, Blake sets off on a frantic chase across Europe from  the wilds of Scotland, across the freezing North Sea to Norway, and beyond into the dark heart of Soviet Russia, in one of the most thrilling, high-octane novels of the year.

'Fast, furious and more twists than a coiled cobra.'

The Viper's Strike

A ruthless assassin has slipped into the country in pursuit of a mysterious traveller arrested at border control. 


But who is this man from Amana? A terrorist? A messenger? And why do the Russians want him dead so badly?

The puzzle points to a dissident academic taking refuge in London, and a shocking secret threatening to bring a country to its knees. 

Will you let him inside your head?

The Tom Blake thriller series.


The author

Writing has been in my blood since I was old enough to put pencil to paper but it's only in recent years that I've finally fulfilled my ambition to start writing novels.


For the last twenty years, I've channelled my creative efforts into journalism. I began my career on local newspapers, covering every kind of story imaginable from crime to court, religion to defence.  I now work full-time in regional television news in the South East of England.

Deep Sleepers was my first novel - and the first outing for my hero, Tom Blake, a former Special Forces psychologist, who has a unique skill to get inside people's heads. 


The second book in the series, The Armageddon Virus, was published in Summer 2015.


I'm married to fellow indie author, Amanda Wills. We live in Kent with our two boys, Oliver and Thomas.


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