A dark and twisty psychological thriller

He stole her childhood. Now she wants it back.

A woman is found wandering through woodland, confused and severely undernourished.

Police identify her as Mara Sitwell, who was just eleven years old when she vanished from her home nineteen years earlier.

She says she was abducted and held captive in an underground cell for all that time.

Her escape seems to prove miracles can happen - but not everyone is convinced.

Tortured by guilt, Mara’s sister Lucia insists on taking her in.

But Lucia’s husband, Damian is not so sure it’s a good idea.

He suspects Mara is hiding a terrible secret – and fears the whole family could be in danger.

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A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist

He thought he was living the perfect life – until he discovered he was living with a perfect stranger.

“I just could not put this book down.” - C Woodhall, Amazon reviewer

Jez believed he'd finally found happiness when he met the alluring Alice Grey.

She's elegant, stylish and beautiful, the kind of woman he never imagined would look at him twice.

But his life’s shattered when Alice goes missing with her young daughter– and the police accuse him their murders.

The only way to prove his innocence is to find them alive.

But that's not so easy when Alice is running from a dark family secret and doesn't want to be found.

At least without any evidence he's killed them, it'll be hard for the police to charge him.

Unless they discover the body Alice asked him to hide…

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Sophie Saunders has the perfect life.

Happily married to handsome Matt and expecting her first baby, she is the envy of her childhood friend, Lou.

Lou’s family has splintered. Her husband is dead and her son has left home.

She would give anything to turn back the clock.

But there’s a secret buried deep in their past that the two friends can never forget.

And when Sophie’s world starts spiralling out of control, it’s her new friend Roz to whom she turns.

Trouble is, secrets have a habit of unravelling. And when they do, you can kiss your perfect life goodbye.

Sometimes, it’s better when the truth stays hidden.

When She Finds You is the gripping debut psychological thriller by A J McDine.